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• Superior Absorption Cooling Using the Latest Technology
• Right or Left Door Hinge Specified at Production (Standard Reversible Door Opening)
• Interior Magnetic LED Light
• Fuzzy Logic Automatic Defrost
• Digital Thermostat for Optimal Cooling and Energy Consumption
• Adjustable Door Racks and Shelving
• Vented Cabinet for Ventilation
• Cabinet Color Choices: Black (Standard), White or Warm Charcoal (Dark Grey)
• 110 Volt, 60 Cycles (Standard) or 220/240 Volt, 50 Cycles (Available at Production)
• Environmentally Friendly CFC and HCFC Free-Refrigeration
• Energy saving operation (EE) Using Only 65 Watts


• Glass Door Option (Double Glass Insulated)
• Lock and Key Option (2-Keys)
• Slider for 2-Door Use (Secures Cabinet and Refrigerators Doors to Open Together)

Our complete line of hotel minibars have absorption cooling systems for quiet, efficient operation with no moving parts. Our rear position evaporator allows full-frontal facing of your products. Also standard on all our hotel minibars is, automatic defrost, interior lighting and adjustable shelving. Our complete line of hotel mini bar products is world renowned for Complete Quality and Reliability.

Bar-Maid has been in the hotel minibar industry since 1986. We provide a complete line and wide range of hotel minibars based on absorption refrigeration technology, which comes in a variety of dimensions, colors and accessories. All carefully designed to satisfy the varied requests we receive from our customers and to easily fit into any room decor with or without existing furniture. Bar-Maid hotel minibars guarantee maximum freshness thanks to the latest technology in refrigeration and utmost respect for the environment. All our products are built with particular carefulness and precision to assure endurance and functionality. Unlike many of the existing hotel refrigerators based on mechanical compression refrigeration, all Bar-Maid hotel minibars are based on absorption refrigeration technology. The absence of a compressor makes them highly silent, long lasting and maintenance free. Our hotel minibar systems are extremely efficient which require minimum power supply needs as well as eliminate vibrations, making our minibars also perfect for wine storage.

Our hotel mini bar systems are charged and sealed during production establishment, therefore Bar-Maid hotel minibars do not need any recharging for their entire life duration avoiding customers and staff any inconvenience. The absence of freon definitely makes Bar-Maid minibars ecologically clean and safe. All Bar-Maid minibars feature an automatic defrosting-system. An innovative internal led light system and a thermostat to manually regulate the cabinet temperature. The small dimensions of our hotel minibars make them easy to transport and install. All the internal accessories are interchangeable and enable users to maximize space usage. Both design and careful production of Bar-Maid hotel minibars are an attractive and exceptional value for any hotel, motel establishment.

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